[chaoscope] Development update

Hi all,

0.3 development will start in mid-July, if everything goes as planned. There's some work still to be done on the web site update, less than a week worth.

Here's an up-to-date feature list :

0.3 :
- Full project load/save
- Batch rendering
- View resizing
- Zoom in/out
- Intensity/color of the Solid mode specular highlights as a parameter.
- Ability to change background/attractor colors in Gas, Liquid and Solid modes.
- Default directories saved in Preferences.
- More properties/read only properties

0.4 --> 1.0 :
- Undo
- Colored preview for Light and Plasma
- Perspective
- Color perspective
- Export attractor as a POV-Ray include file
- Export attractor as DXF
- Attractor quantisation
- Possibility to save Z-buffer and Alpha buffer
- Color editor
- Gradient editor/browser
- More gradient operations (Blend, Difference, etc.)
- Light editor, interface to position lights in Solid mode
- Graphic editor for IFS
- Many more equations (Chaotic flow, Flames, etc.)
- More keyboard control/shortcut (view, parameters)
- Plugin SDK for user equations
- Light-like colored Solid mode
- Auto-save parameters along with the image
- Save image as JPG
- Default Left/Top/Front view angles
- SSE2/Hyper-Threading/SMP optimisations
- Context-sensitive help
- Default settings in Preferences
- Timed rendering
- Rendering stopped when specific amount of view hits is reached

1.0 --> ... :
- Equation compiler
- Rendering of attraction basin
- Rendering of search domain
- Complex animation module
- Use of OpenGL for faster rendering (vertex and pixel shaders)
- Compositing (layers "à la Photoshop")
- Separated X/Y/Z graphs
- 3D space graph scale
- 3D stereo (red/blue) rendering
- N-dimensional attractors (4D, 5D, etc.)
- Flame (IFS/Flame component-based) gradient
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