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QUOTE: ----- Originally posted by signman:
 Ouch! $5,000!!!! well, that isn't going to be anything I will look into...I 
already have a demo from a website 'store' company for less than $100 per 
month, setup using their 'templates' less than $300...and I can put in whatever 
I want for products, pricing, etc. I was looking at this for the 
sign/lettering/printing end of my business...now I'll do it for the embroidery 
With the Sanmar link they can pick shirts, etc. from-with the prices I set 
up-adding embroidery designs is easily done over the phone instead of spending 
I don't EVER do digitizing for any 'quote' job-only once I get a firm order. I 
can create a logo or design in a few minutes on my Mac, estimate 1,000 stitches 
per square inch as a maximum figure-and give them a ball park idea of what the 
design will cost. Once they confirm the order, THEN I bring that into 
Designshop, digitize it, and figure out the final cost.
For simple lettering, or designs taken from the Dakota collection-I do those up 
in DS, save a jpg of the '30-d' image, and email that to show them, at the same 
time I have the final stitch count.
With the way the economy is still heading downhill-I can't afford to spend time 
doing digitizing and 'hoping' to get the order...like probably all of you have 
found-everyone is cutting back-AND also price shopping. So don't give away your 
time...that's worth money to you!  ----- Signman, there are many advantages to 
the LiveDesigner website that you will not get with any other solution.  I 
really recommend you spend some time with me for a personal online demo before 
you make any decisions.  We are running some great promotions on LiveDesigner 
as well, your cost would not be $5,000.


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