Technology in education, technology-related educational groups

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English Teacher's Network of Israel

A discussion list by and for Teachers of English as a Foreign/Second language working towards integrating ICT (Information Communication Technologies) into the classroom.

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Technical support for visually impaired students

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FRTM - Communication with Technology

A group of people experimenting with communication. The use of PowerPoint, microphones, and various presentation techniques is encouraged.

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NetGold is a RESOURCE group with a specific purpose: sharing by its members of important, informative and useful Internet and sometimes other resources for learning and improvement of skills. The information shared should be suitable for Family Life and include suitability for at least adolescent level perusal. There is coverage on this list in medicine, public health, database search technique, education in science and technology, as well as coverage of chemistry, physics, geology, geography and biology.

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Teachers Discussion of Tech Implementation at Neveh Channah

List for assisting the use of telecommunications and computer technology in education particularly Windows & Office applications and internet resources.

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This list will consist of a group of visually impaired people that will interact with each other, give advice, pose questions, and air any issues relevant to Information Technology.

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GA News

We wish to encourage appropriate use of technology in our students' homes. Providing an email newsletter to parents will further enhance our school technology plan's objective of making a school-to-home connection via email.

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St. Andrews Middle School Community

This list is designed to allow parents, educators, and neighbors of the St. Andrews Middle School Community to create continuous dialogue and promote parental and community involvement in educational issues. Participants will receive knowledge of technology and curriculum integration. It will serve as a basis to incorporate technology in the home, as well as at school. The SAMS Community list may also be used to inform parents of school events through the use of technology.

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Msb Alumni

A place for former students and staff to discuss life at Michigan School for the Bling and blindness issues.

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High school's computing service area

Computing service area, ETB 2 Berisso For discuss topics about computing, technology, technological projects

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Vision Rehab Therapists

discussion of adaptive technology for people with vision impairments and vision rehabilitation

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North Texas Area Library Directors

This email list serves the communication needs of the North Texas Area school (PK-12) library directors.

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Profesores de Electromedicina Clinica

Group of teachers of the training cycle Electromedical Superior Grade.

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Madrichot Manchi

A list by which Jerusalem Manchi Madrichot can connect digitally so as to improve technology in the classrooms of Jerusalem Manchi teachers.

ListRank: 36ListRank: 36 is India's First and leading website for campus festivals from Technical, Cultural, Mangement, Workshops to Conferences and Symposiums. Since Jan 2007, we have been connecting thousands of students from campuses all over India by making them aware of all the Campus Festivals organised by prominent Educational Institutions in all the states. We have thousands of students who consistently visit our website to know the latest happenings at various campuses. We are the trust worthy source for them

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Stammgruppe Topas

Mailing list of the "Topas" group in the school "Freie Evangelische Grundschule Grumbach". It is required to get in contact with all parents in our school class.

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KYACAC Listserv

A Listserv for the Kentucky Assocation for College Admission Counseling

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Grupo de Estudios Marxistas de A Corunha

A Corunha is a city at the north of Spain. Last year, four of us started a group to read and debate some classical text about marxisms. We started with the Communist Manifest, and some texts of Lenin and Mao. Now we are organising ourselves for a new season of the group, and we are debating what texts we should read next and how to grow as a group, inviting other people to participate. The purpose of the group is to carry on this debate (about the read material), to coordinate the group (about the meeting scheduling), continue stalled debates, etc.

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Mailing List Nasional Indonesia PPI-India

Informasi Beasiswa terbaru s1, s2, s3 dalam dan luar negeri lowongan kerja, beasiswa s1, beasiswa s2, beasiswa s3, beasiswa dalam negri, beasiswa luar negri, beasiswa jepang, beasiswa malaysia

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Book Port

Discusses APH's Book Port portable reading device

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Janglit - English Coordinators of Jerusalem

Janglit - Jerusalem Coordinators is a user group and an announcement list for Jerusalem English coordinators at Junior High and High schools, who are interested in holding online discussions about teaching and coordinating staffs of teachers of English as a Foreign/Second language working towards integrating Information Communication Technologies into their teaching

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Aula verde de 3 anyos del Colegio El Carmen

Mailing list for parents of a first grade class, with the aim to debate about education in general, and our kids in particular. This mailing list is a fantastic tool for knowing each other better, being in contact and participating in classroom activities.

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Geography Teachers Network

This list serves a virtual community to teachers from all parts of Israel. Among the aims of this community is sharing materials for teaching and learning geography and also to create a place to discuss various topics in teaching of geography. This community uses also forms and an active internet site ( that presents formal material (from the Israeli Ministry of Education) as well as materials that were created by the teachers themselves. Another aim of this community is to educate teachers how to use computers and the internet in teaching. All the virtual activity of this community is in the Hebrew language.

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Tao Meeting

A weekly meeting conducted over the Internet, free to the public, for the understanding and application of Tao philosophy in everyday life.

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The Teacher List

The Teacher List is a daily listserv that recommends ONE useful website to teachers (and other interested parties) each morning. Only sites that are free and useful are recommended. Teachers typically don't have time to wade through massive amounts of information yet they are required to integrate the use of technology into their daily routines. The service gets teachers to use technology resources in their classrooms by NOT inundating them with pages (or screens) of information that will never be read. Rather, by recommending only one technological feature, teachers can decide if they will keep the information and incorporate it into a lesson, pass it on to someone who can use it or delete it. There is a web site that archives all of the sites recommended since 1998 - and it is fully searchable by keyword, subject and/or grade level. The site is at:

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Madrichot Mahoz Jerusalem

A list by which Machoz Jerusalem Madrichot can connect digitally so as to improve technology in the classrooms of Machoz Jerusalem teachers.

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[ECP] K12 Newsletters

Educational CyberPlayGround K12 Newsletters has been provided to the Internet community since April, 1998, and is an off-shoot of the Net-happenings mailing list and Website. The goal of K12 NEWSLETTERS is to combine in one place the best of the Internet's various K12 newsletters that integrate technology into the classroom.

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Enigme de la semaine

Voulez-vous recevoir gratuitement une enigme par semaine? La reponse y sera incluse.

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Broad Oak Primary School - ICT Community Links

This is the Broad Oak Primary SChool & Extended Learning Centre Mailing List for web and email friendly staff, parents and friends of the school. Valid discussions include using ICT/Computers in the classroom, online virtual learning, news of website updates, and e-communication.

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Brain Teaser of The Week

Develop your problem solving skills. Receive one brain teaser a week.

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[ECP] NetHappenings

Educational CyberPlayGround NetHappenings email list, the granddaddy of all education lists. Founded in 1993 by former biology teacher of twenty years, Gleason Sackmann , Net-happenings distributes announcements about the latest Internet resources. These resources help educators integrate technology and techology related resources into the classroom.

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PAStimes Star Tours Group

Members of the PAStimes Star Tours Group, announcement only list. These members of PAS are on a special list that announces upcoming events that are private events.

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LIVENteam mail group

the LIVENteam mail list

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GeoGebra News

Newsletter for the open source dynamic mathematics software GeoGebra (

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Dallas International School Dad's Club

A list of fathers involved in supporting the Internet/web activities of the Dallas International School.

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Politeknik Negeri Semarang

Polines means Politeknik Negeri Semarang (State Polytechnic of Semarang).

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GSIS Admins

Contacting Administrators regard GSIS. GSIS is a group who brings together people (educators) from different counties in GA to a conference. The conference is related to the different student information systems. People learn about things that they can do with their system and GaDOE updates regarding student records that must be submitted electronically from their SIS to the department of education of GA.

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The Electronic SEYSA

Sir Edward Youde Scholars Association (SEYSA)is established 18 years ago by a group of awardees of the Sir Edward Youde Memorial Fund Scholarship in Hong Kong. The Electronic SEYSA is run by the IT/CompSci/Eng. students and graduates from SEYSA to bring news of SEYSA and technological advancement made by SEYSA Scholars to all members of SEYSA.

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List of students at Neveh Channah HS, Etzion Bloc, Israel who are involved in running internet based projects. Members of groups using computer technology, software and internet to carry out community service projects such as publishing community service pages on the internet. The list will allow collaboration & distance communication to club task members.

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Leaning the technology of flying

A group of model fliers learning about the sport. When we build a new plane, have a problem with a plane, then as fliers we have to seek out the answers. Such a learning activity is often best done when you describe the situation with others who have some experience in the area. This is an educational process where the fliers share information and ideas to develop the sport of model flying. The information of the sport is changing in the technical area. There will be many topics covered, but a new challenging area for modelers, are the many technological improvements in the area of electic motors for planes. There is a new type of motor out that is very powerful and called brushless. These motors require the modelers to match the battery, electronics and motor to the mass, drag and style of plane to get the type of perfermance required with out the electrical system over heating or the plane being under powered. This is just an example of the technical issues the fliers will be discussing. The new lithium polimer batteries are being used in model aircraft now. They are lighter and more powerful than other batteries. Their use is dangerous as they will ignite and have to be used properly. They have to be matched to the motor and electronic speed controler. The mAh, draw (amps) of the battery have to be calculated as well as whether the battery will physically fit in the plane. Another example would be the radio equipment. There are new radios out now that a flier can scan frequencies, select channels and control about anything on a plane. The operations of these computer transmitters have to be learnt and understood. The evolution of model aircraft continues and I feel it would be great if a group of fliers could discuss, share and enjoy learning about these technical issues of flying model aircraft that are ever changing.

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This listserv is for members of my graduate class (EDI 581 - Computers in the Classroom).

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classe 3ap

study computer science in Italian high school

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Parasjat Hasjawoea

List for assisting the use of telecommunications and computer technology in religion education in Dutch speaking envirmonments

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Missouri Infinite Campus Users Group

Missouri state users group for use of Infinite Campus

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Regional School at Nazareth

This is a discussion group that is designing a new pre-k through 12 school. This school will enroll children from the City of Rochester and suburban and rural Monroe County. The school is being designed on sound research that is being driven by a TECHNOLOGY focus and a TECHNOLOGY orientation. This emerging school will be the first in the region that uses TECHNOLOGY as the nexus for development.

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Primero basico

Lista del curso "Primero basico A" 2010, Republica de Siria, santiago Chile. An elementary school first grade email list. We need a channel (mailing list) to share informacion about the class, topics that our kids are learning, meetings and useful information to and from the the children's parent will need to know easily. One list (email address) instead of 50 individuals addresses for each news for the class.

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Scuole FOSS

Project to bring FOSS to primary/secondary schools in Italy.

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Llista de distribució dels cicles d'informàtica. L'objectiu d'aquesta llista és facilitar l'intercanvi d'informació entre el professorat dels cicles formatius d'informàtica.

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This Listserv will be used to manage the 1500 or so attendees of the Georgia Student Information Systems Users Group. We have a conference normally in Feb each year for the end users of the various Student Information Systems across the state of Georgia

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Bay Area Independent School Librarians (BAISL)

BAISL is an association of independent school librarians throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond, creating a powerful consortium, a connected community, and a supportive environment for members.

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