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No, allora...
di C64 formato biscottone (non simil-Amiga) ne sono uscite diverse versioni: 
quella piu' venduta e' quella marrone
vedi qui:
e non si tratta di ingiallimento visto che nella foto della scatola risulta 
essere prorpio marrone. Quello grigio e' un altro modello
e questa e' stata l'evoluzione
Leggi qui : (da http://www.old-computers.com/museum/computer.asp?st=1&c=98)
Several versions of the Commodore 64 were launched :
The first one, C64-1, used the VIC 20 case and was to be quickly replaced with 
the C64-2 (pictured) which used the famous brown case, and later by the C64-3 
with small cosmetic changes in the keyboard.
A special version called Educator 64 or PET64 or CBM 4064 was proposed for 
schools and uses the PET case. Commodore produced the first generation of C64s 
until May 1986, then it was discontinued and they introduced the C64C. 
According to the 64'er magazine, this version has been planned since the 
Hannover Fair in 1985, but as the old version sold so well during Christmas 
'85, its release date was delayed.
Then appeared the C64 "Aldi" (1987, only in Germany) and the C64G (1989). They 
were virtually same machines, this time with the new, short motherboard. So, 
although the case might look the same and the label says "Commodore 64", the 
boards may be completely different.
Finally, the C64GS game console was released in 1990. Basically it was a 
re-boxed C64, without a keyboard or any other interfaces, except for the 
cartridge slot on top. 

>e anche questa, che vi piacerà tanto:

Se e' per questo preferisco queste altre immagini:
E' il wallpaper del mio pc :-PPPPP

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