Re: Syncing lines in XY4 in VDosplus

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  • Date: Fri, 04 Nov 2016 16:45:58 +0000

Dear Carl

Further to reply below, I have found a partial solution to the 'exiting to DOs' problem which is to reset the window size from the command line after returning from DOS. The trick is to re-establish the window to the same size it was before exiting to dos. For example, in I have a line:

window 1,0,0,80,43

After returning from DOS the number of lines on screen diminishes but I can issue:

window 1,0,0,80,40

and I get my 43 line window back. Unfortunately this is only a partial solution. If I open new windows after returning from DOS then the cursor drops of the bottom of the screen unless I issue the same command for each new window. The same applies to any window already open. In addition, if you exit to DOS and back more than one or twice the system seems to hang. This can be avoided by setting the screen length and line length (VDos and XY4) to 50. Then commanding a 50 line screen after returning to XY4 establishes 50 lines again so there is no mismatch between the original and the reset. I think 25 lines will work in this way as well. I am not sure if this gets me any further forward as I don't want 50 lines -- the font is too small.

I cannot find any XY4 screeen length that will return exactly to the same length after exiting to DOS and returning. Is this your experience as well?

One other question; is there a way of issuing a window command that will make all open windows the new size?


Dear Carl

The U2 help file says 23 Oct 2016.

The downloaded ZIP file says 3.02.

Best wishes


On 03/11/2016 19:54, Carl Distefano wrote:

I get an application error .. with SCREENSIZE 80,43

Have you updated U2 since 21 October '16?

When I command VDOSSYNC nothing happens.

Are you running a recent build of vDosPlus? If so, this may simply
indicate that your vDos and XyWrite screen width and length values are
already in sync.

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