Re: codepage translation between VDosPlus and Windows

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  • Date: Fri, 04 Nov 2016 15:39:21 +0000

Dear Wengier, and possibly Carl

I have been able to examine the problem more closely and my main issue now is with copying from Windows into XY4 and what happens during that process.

The way I have XY4 set up with a specially adapted CP 1252 font does work. Everything I produce in XY4 in French can be read in a Windows program without translation error. However what I cannot do is copy something in French from Windows into XY4. During that process the material is being translated from CP 1252 to CP 850 (or CP437, both work). That would be sensible for most XY4 users but I cannot get interoperability. I need the copied text to remain in CP 1252.

Is there a translation taking place during copying? And if so can I affect it? I am sure I had interoperability when copying previously, but the last time I used it was probably a couple of years ago and since then the copy and paste routines have changed markedly.


On 03/11/2016 20:58, Wengier W (Redacted sender wengierwu for DMARC) wrote:
Hi Paul,

I don't really know much French, so I never did this before. But when
you try to display a text encoded in CP1252 with the CP850 setting, it
obviously won't display properly because of the different encodings. I
am afraid that vDosPlus cannot do much about this because this is really
a file encoding problem. For example, if you open a file encoded in some
Code Page X in a text editor set to some Code Page Y (where X and Y are
different), then the text won't show up correctly either. You need to
use the same code page in the text editor as the code page of the file,
or you can use some specialized tools to convert the encoding of the
file from CP1252 to CP850 in order to be displayed properly in the Code
Page 850 environment. Hope this helps.


On Thursday, November 3, 2016 3:25 PM, Paul Breeze
<dmarc-noreply@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Some time ago I set up Vdos with code page 1252 and then using a special
1252 font that was modified for me by Kari, I could move text between
Windows and XY4 seamlessly in English or French.

I haven't needed to use that facility for some time, but when I tried to
copy some French text from a browser in Windows 7 to XY4 under Vdoslfn
today it didn't translate correctly.  It would only work if I set the
code page in VDoslfn to 850 of 437.  I also have an old VDos
installation and a new VDosPlus installation and both seem to behave in
the same way.

Is VDos... now performing some translation of its own?  I need to know
what is happening because if I switch all my settings to CP 850, then
the files that were written using CP 1252 are corrupted.


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