[windows2000] Re: keyboard/mouse not recognized when plugged in running server

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Try this with your RDP client
%SystemRoot%\system32\mstsc.exe /console
You will never need to visit the physical server console
PnP = Plug and Pray 
Plug and Play as it ought to be


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running server

True, there is no problem with RDP connections, but sometimes you simply want 
to connect directly to the console, either with a physical mouse/keyboard, or 
with ilo (remote console).

In both cases, the keyboard/mouse will not work when not connected during 

I tried to use the windows 2000 workaround on the 2003 system, but no luck 






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running server


Can't you just plug in the periphs' and reboot?


If the server is remote and the only connection to it you have is RDP (is this 
the case?), I've found that even if the server is running headless, when 
connecting over RDP the local mouse and kbd are still recognized.





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I do have an issue with a windows 2003 server. This server is running, and I 
want to connect a keyboard/mouse to it...

Unfortunatelly, the keyboard/mouse are nog recognized since they were not 
attached during boot.... 


I had the same issue on windows 2000, but there was a workaround from Microsoft 
where you added the headless=1 registry..

Here is the article:  

It does not seem to work for windows 2003.....


I wonder if anyone ever had this issue and found a solution....





Dennis Appelboom



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