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As in, just network infrastructure?


Properly set up hub/switches/routers should never go down.  And they are all
cheap enough that it is worth having one of each sitting around for backup.
Most infrastructure components have little or no set up requirements, so
their replacement is just plug-and-go.  Routers, on the other hand have a
little more setup required, but it can all be saved to a file and restored
in minutes.  All it takes is a good disaster recovery plan.

This is of course assuming that the added cost to have hot-spares sitting
around is supported by your company's uptime requirements...

And that DR plan needs to be tested, as does the backup equipment.  Test you
equipment monthly (plug it in, does it "boot" normally?) and test your DR
plan every 6 months, or when something changes.

Now the servers, that is a slightly different story.  Their uptime has not
been ideal since Microsoft put an emphasis on security and started releasing
a patch a day... not that I'm complaining, mind you.  But the actual uptime
numbers have suffered as a result.

Hope this helps.  I'd be interested in the informal results of your survey,
if you don't mind posting them when you've gotten enough responses.

Happy holidays to all,

Glenn Sullivan, MCSE+I  MCDBA
David Clark Company Inc.

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Hi list,

If we were still on Yahoo groups, I'd create a poll, but instead, I'll
have to do it this way.  I was just talking to one of our network
administrators after we had some communication issues, and she said that
our company has really good uptime, as far as our internal network goes.
I disagreed, but she indicated that if you compare ours to other
companies, we do.  It's true that things rarely go down here, but I feel
that things could be better so that when we do have a router fail or
something like that, we have as much downtime as it takes to switch to a
backup router.  So, my poll is:

How much downtime does your internal network have (communications,
mainly, not just one server is down every now and then because of a
software issue).

1.  Never
2.  Rarely, and when things go down, they're down no longer than 15
3.  Rarely, but when things go down, they're down for hours at a time
4.  Pretty often, at least once a month, but for brief periods
5.  Pretty often, at least once a month, and for long periods of hours
or more
6.  Our network sucks and I save everything on my local computer because
it's more reliable than our network

Feel free to reply privately, and please do reply.  I'm curious.  My
answer is #2.

Thanks a lot,

Ray at work

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