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  • From: "Berger, Gunnar" <GBerger@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <windows2000@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 30 Oct 2003 07:47:40 -0500

Here is what really gets me.  My non-admin user can login in seconds!  The 
problem simply does not exist when connecting from my computer.  I'm going to 
try and use my user at a different workstation and see if the problem exists.  
However, I feel that this may be my workstation that connects without issue.  
The only difference between my workstations and the others, is I'm not part of 
the domain.  How would that make a difference.  I would think that would slow 
me down.
Exteremely Confused,

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        For what it's worth, I've run Citrix / TS servers for over 5 years, and
        although use network profiles, have always used mandatory profiles. This
        helps with login speed, because you can tune and trim the size of the
        profile loaded.
        I personalise it, where needed, largely by scripting - things like the
        user details for Office, and outlook profile by using modprof (and of
        course a tailored prf file).
        Also redirecting certain folders outside of the profile structure
        (temporary internet files, favorites, that sort of thing) can keep the
        size of normal profiles down - and if need be, still have a certain
        degree of personalised mandatory profile.
        There is middle ground, here, too in the form of hybrid profiles
        (effectively a warm, soothing blend of roaming profiles and mandatory
        profiles) which sort of extends the idea of scripting, to personalise
        the profile, by doing it login and logout and working on certain folders
        / registry hierarchies.
        To speed login up, though, normally is a matter of trimming the profile
        loaded (assuming all other factors are OK), that and optimising the
        login script environment. Mandatory profiles can make this much quicker
        and simpler from an admin perspective, the only issue is the technical
        complexity of the environment deployed, and a possible lack of
        flexibility / customisation available to the users (probably not largely
        a problem for TS / Citrix environments).
        > Subject: [windows2000] Profiles
        > Date: Wed, 29 Oct 2003 07:34:26 -0500
        > From: "Berger, Gunnar" <GBerger@xxxxxxxxxx>
        > Hello all,
        > I'm guessing the majority of you out there use modprof.exe or
        > newprof.exe to take care of your Outlook/Exchange issues.  I
        > had this working myself at one point in time but for the past
        > 4 months I have not been able to get this to work properly. 
        > I use roaming TS profiles in my environment because my Citrix
        > servers are load balanced.  However, it takes my users a
        > little over 2 minutes to log on to the server.   I just
        > bought new Citrix servers and I'm setting them up from
        > scratch.  I need to get these things to work like they are
        > suppose to, it used to take 10 seconds to log in and I need
        > that type of response again.
        > Here is the really weird part, there is only one users on my
        > network (me) that it responds correctly to.  It takes me only
        > a few seconds to bring up a Citrix app.  I have checked my
        > settings on the server (Active Directory) and they are the
        > same as anyone else.  The only difference between myself and
        > the rest of the users is I'm stuck with XP Home on my machine
        > so it is not a part of the network.  I don't see how this
        > could be related but maybe it is.  My standard setup for my
        > workstations is Windows 2000 Pro.  This may be permissions
        > related on my profiles but I'm not sure.  Ideally I wouldn't
        > even have to use profiles, or I would use them and they would
        > delete on log out.
        > I am at the point where if it cost money to fix these log on
        > issues I am free to do it.  I found a program called Imanami
        > OProfile not sure if that will take care of me or not.  If
        > anyone has any insight to this please fill me in.  We have
        > free reign to do whatever to these servers to make them work.
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