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  • Date: Fri, 22 Nov 2002 05:37:28 -0700

Yes, it help, Chris, thank you!  :)


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> Ok, its not too complicated, basically in windows 2000 there is no PDC
> BDC, only Domain Contollers all of which are equal.  Now that said,
> are a few master services such as the globabl catalog server that are
> created on the first DC in your domain, but you can move them around,
> aren't tied to one particular machine.  In essence however all Domain
> Controllers in win2k are equal, however to maintain backwards
> compatibility
> with NT4.0 (which requires a PDC be present) win2k has a PDC emulator
> pretends to be the PDC for NT machines.  In this way you can use win2k
> NT4.0 in what is called a "Mixed" environment, some of the features of
> win2k
> are not available except in "Native" mode but you can't use native
> unless you have no machines except for win2k (and I think XP is also
> this includes NT, Linux, Mac, etc.  The PDC Emulator will be on the
> machine that you created in the domain, though you can move it to
> one if you need to for some reason.  Hope that helps.
> Chris Berry
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