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  • From: "Chris Berry" <compjma@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 22 Nov 2002 10:44:00 -0800

>From: "Sullivan, Glenn" <GSullivan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>Remember that while one of the primary benefits of an Active Directory >is 
>it multi-master style of management (i.e., you can make changes to
>the domain by changing any DC and the changes get replicated) there
>are certain things that do not fit well in the Multi-master
>The primary one that comes to mind is password changes.  Due to the
>criticality of maintaining the integrity of passwords accross multiple
>DC's, the PDC emulator receives preferential treatment for password
>change replication from other DC's.  It then can mediate between
>multiple changes received by multiple DC's, and ensure that all of
>them are in synch at the end.
>Just didn't want you to think you could turn off your PDC Emulator
>once you get an all Win2K domain...

Hey, I didn't know that, but you're right, it confirms it here 

>Native Mode = All Win2K DOMAIN CONTROLLERS.  The clients on the
>network do not matter.

Didn't know that either, but I googled around and confirmed that too, no 
help for me though since I plan to use SAMBA for a few things, so I'm stuck 
with mixed mode for now, though I'll have to do some more research.

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