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  • Date: Fri, 12 Sep 2003 13:34:12 -0700

From: "Steve Rance" <Steve.Rance@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
I think most of us have... and have had the pleasure of dealing with a MD or board Director that have stored all their documents in C:\My Documents, ignoring all the network shares that are backed up daily, to lose their hard disk (and hence all their documents)... And it is our responsibility (and we are expected) to get these vital documents back...Nightmare.

I solved this by redirecting their My Documents folder. You can do this by right click on My Documents, select properties, then replace the path with your preferred network share. I also define this in their active directory settings profile tab home folder settings. This takes care of most of it, but I've got one user who learned on DOS 3.0 and just insists on creating his own folders on the hard drive and saving things to them, no matter how many times I politely ask him not to (he is one of the board members, signs my check so I have to be nice, hehe)

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