[windows2000] Re: Blocking Internet Browsing from Explorer.exe

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  • Date: Thu, 27 Nov 2003 14:49:40 +0000 (GMT)

You could be on a winner here Jim, we need to stop access at defined times of 
the day, all access is via a proxy so perhaps we could script in/out a false 
address for the proxy server in the hosts file on the local PC !  
If I do make a GUI for the hosts file edity type stuff I'll let you know !
I stopped IE with DeskPRO from my site so it can only run at certain times of 
the day, yet within 5 minutes of it being stopped the little swines were on the 
net again via word and explorer - damn resourceful students these days you know 

Webmail <web@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Mark the easiest way to do this is to just block the sites in the hosts file. 
That way they can't get to them no matter what program they run. 
See this page for an example how to set it up:
Basically you just point the URL to the null address in the hosts 
file and when they go to it they get a page not found error. 
What we be cool is a little graphical utility that appends the hosts file 
properly so you can easily add addreses... hint hint.
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Hi, have scanned the archives but struggled find anything.  I need to stop 
users being able to put URL's into the Windows Explorer address bar and surfing 
the net.  We've restricted Internet Explorer to certain times of the day but 
users are begining to realise that they can still surf the net from 
Explorer.exe and it's becoming a real pain.
Anyone got any good pointers or suggestions would be great.

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