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Hi all,
??????????? Thanks Tim, For that message.
????????????????????????? All this weekend i gone through the DDK documentation 
and got the knowledge of MSVAD.
????????????? Now i am using an shared memory to feed the recorder from the o/p 
of the player, I followed the following steps
????? 1. Create an section using ZwCreateSection.
????? 2. opened this section using ZwOpenSection
????? 3. Mapped the opened section to the current process virtual add?space 
using ZwMapViewOfSection
????? 4. Writting to the section using RtlCopy Memory

????? Untill step 4 all went good but while writing to the virtual address 
space i am getting crash "0X00000D1, {28d0000, 2, 1, a9b10dea}"
??????Can any ane explain me what is wrong, Can i use RtlCopyMemory in this 
senario or Not??


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karthiksharmasg@xxxxxxx wrote: 

??????????????????? I will look into that, you are saying there are 2 devices 
but when i use "device tree" it is showing only one device, what that this 

"Device" is an overloaded term.? The virtual microphone and the virtual speaker 
are handled by the same driver.? That's all I meant.

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