[wdmaudiodev] about DMA buffer

  • From: karthiksharmasg@xxxxxxx
  • To: wdmaudiodev@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 11 Sep 2008 01:24:55 -0400

hai all,
???????????? I am working with MSVAD for past 6 months and came to know its 
working a bit. The problem i am facing is with DMA buffer
How to write data to the DMA buffer?
My task is to get the audio stream output from the player and route this audio 
stream?as an i/p to an Recorder application.

i.e, get the data from the DMA buffer ( using IdmaChannel::Copyto or Copyto in 
BaseDMA.cpp) and to rewrite this data to the DMA buffer (using 
Idmachannel::copyfrom or Copyfrom in BaseDMA.cpp).
I tried to write the data to an FIFO in the Copyto and in Copyfrom read the 
FIFO data and pass it to the DMAbuffer,but the method didnt worked good.
So if any one know how to handle this problem plz let me know.

karthik SG

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