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Buckley is fine with people running and things like that.  the trainer had me 
make him sit when he started to growl.  this has helped. some kids he sees he 
wants to play with.  he doesn't do this on a regular basis we don't have any 
friends that have kids.  in the past I would try and get Buckley's attention 
when he was growling and give him a treat when he stopped.  not really any 
similarities between them. and it is always at two places one is a bar where my 
friends and I hang out and drink soda's and the other is at the church where I 
go on Friday nights. it is also the church I go to on Sunday's but he never has 
trouble with the kids there on Sunday's.  but the kids normally aren't running 
up to him or running in general on Sunday's
Ridge and Buckley Guide SD
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  our trainer  from the program came out last week and said I have to be the 
  leader and not  let him get away with things like that.  she said he took 
  and now he  he is doing what he wants. 

  Ridge, what did the trainer do that helped?What have you done in the  past if 
  Buckley growled? Does Buckley interact/play with kids? Do people  running up 
  to him scare him? Or just kids? What do you do now to control  Buckley?  Has 
  he done this before? Are there any similarities between the  diffferent 
  situations? Are they in the same places? 
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