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>>the issues came when they were about 2-2 1/2.  they weren't like that before. 
>> I really think that it is something I am doing.  
Ridge and Buckley Guide/SD<<
If this is remotely so I am sure it is not on purpose.
I did not want to add to your concern.  I have found that being more aware of 
what my reactions are in some situations can be very beneficial in helping a 
dog I am working with through the situation.

If I turn a loose leash into a tense one out of instinctually anticipating a 
dog wondering toward another dog or a child it may signal to my dog that there 
is something to be concerned about even if it had not already occurred to them.

Another example would to monitor my breathing in a situation that may become 
stressful.  The rapid breathing can be a signal to the dog to be alert to some 
thing out of the ordinary.

Another example: many handlers that compete with their dogs will chew, suck on 
or spray something into their mouth to mask the scent of changes in chemical 
and breathe that are caused in human by anxiety so that the dog does not smell 
their anxiety...

These are just a few examples... I tend to hold my breath when anxious ... I 
have to monitor and concentrate on diaphamatic breathing so that breath uptake 
and holding does not become a concern to the dog I am working with.

this is just a small part of any situation...environment, history, trauma, 
health and other stressors and experience all play a part in this type of 

I will be keeping good thoughts for the both of you...

Best Wishes & Wags,
Diane & Raven
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