[TN-Bird] pif landbird population estimate for loggerhead shrike in tn

  • From: Stephen Stedman <SStedman@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: tn-bird@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 18 Oct 2007 11:45:27 -0500

I was just looking through the Partners in Flight website, which
features much useful information relating to North American birds.  One
of these features is a section that provides landbird population
estimates for North America or for any state or province in North
America where Breeding Bird Surveys are conducted.  One of the species
provided with a population estimate in Tennessee is Loggerhead Shrike.
The population estimate for that species in Tennessee is 29,000 (i.e.,
an average of 300 shrikes--150 pairs--per county), and the data on which
the estimate is based is rated to be of the highest quality among the
categories by which data quality is rated.  I am wondering what other
folk in the state think of this PIF estimate for the shrike population
in our state.  Please respond to the entire readership.
Steve Stedman
Cookeville, TN
If you want to check out the PIF population estimates for other species,
I provide below a website address for the PIF website; copy and paste
into the appropriate space of your browser; when you get to that page,
scroll down and look near the bottom for the link to "PIF Landbird
Population Estimates"; when you get to that page, scroll down to the
last paragraph and click on the link for "states and provinces"; when
you get to that page, select the species you want a population estimate
for in the box to the far left; then select TN in the box for states and
provinces; then click on "submit."
ttp://www.partnersinflight.org [put an "h" at the beginning of this
address after you copy it into your browser]
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