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Nearly everything we make goes airborne. That means lead free is prohibited. We 
found a place that specializes in electronic device repair. The company is 
called B.E.S.T Their web site is www.solder.net. One of their product lines is 
DIY solder SN/PB re-balling equipment. They did the rework for the XBOX recall.

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Here's one bit of information:

I'm planning to re-ball a new 484 ball BGA part we will be using since Lattice 
Semiconductor refuses to make the part in tin/lead.  I have investigated the 
options and it is very clear to me that using tin/lead solderpaste with 
lead-free solderballs is a no-no.

Polina Snugovsky at Celestica has studied this subject a lot and it's clear 
from her paper that the process reflow window is very tight (you have to raise 
the temp to melt the SAC balls).  Too risky.


Now if I can just get some parts in less than 22 weeks!

Not happy about this situation; Lattice seems to have me by the .....

Bob Landman
H&L Instruments, LLC

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On 29 Jul 2010, at 01:19, Randall Miller wrote:

> Me neither, but I didn't notice until you mentioned it.
> There are always plenty of things to occupy my feeble brain to not
> notice something missing.

Well, it depends on someone finding something worth saying.

regards,   Rod


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