[THIN] Servers no longer display in CMC

  • From: Rob Slayden <rslayden@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: thin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 8 May 2004 08:37:45 -0700

Trying to track down a problem with my servers no longer displayed in the
CMC. They were all there in folders until we broke the team on each MF
server and rebooted. Now they do not display under the Servers tab or in the
Server drop down in Printer Management. The folders I created and moved
servers into are gone, as are the ZDCs which were not moved into folders. As
such, they can no longer be managed (very bad thing <g>). I ran dsverify on
"servers" and all seems "valid" but this is the response I get to dsverify
"groups". Anyone know what this output below means and how to correct the
I can add/remove servers in Published Apps but cannot access them anywhere


BTW, the output below indicates the server folders exist but they do not
display in the CMC (Servers/GMS_Prod and Server//Group X). Also, I
"repaired" an MFXP install to see if it would display but it does not. I
have not built a server from scratch to see if it displays, but I will be
doing that on Monday.

C:\BuildFiles\dsverify41>dsverify groups
Data Store Validation Utility
Version: 0.4
Verifying Group (0684-0002-0000002d)
Verifying Group (0684-0002-00000035)
        Verifying Server        - 0684-000b-00000037 (NOCCLBMF0)
        Verifying Server Folder - (Servers/GMS_Prod)
        Verifying Server Folder - (Servers/Group X)
        Verifying Server        - 2938-000b-000010a3 (NOC-CLBMF00)
Verifying Group (0684-0002-00000036)
ERROR ***** Failed to verify group 6840074000004f2


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