[THIN] Re: PNAGENT issue connecting from the outside...

  • From: "Scott Hahn" <scott.hahn@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: thin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 8 Feb 2008 10:50:29 -0500

You have to copy the webinterface.conf from your WI external site, to the
pnagent site.

On Feb 8, 2008 10:42 AM, Matthew McComas <mmccomas@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>  We've been banging our heads against the wall the last 24 hours trying to
> figure out a problem with program neighborhood agent.  I was wondering if
> you guys could give me some pointers.  The issue is that it works on the
> inside of the network, but not coming in from the outside (we get "there is
> no citrix server configured on the specified address").  Our Web UI works
> both inside and outside, so users can still get into the farm from the
> outside as long as they use the citrix portal site.  It's just when they use
> the agent that it does not work.  We have NAT'ing working outside in to the
> farm and alternate outside IP addresses set up on each farm server.  As I
> said, the Web UI is working and is configured properly in the Access
> Management Console using translated IP addresses.  Citrix Secure Gateway is
> not configured currently, as we've never used it in the past, and I was
> planning on waiting until we upgraded everything to 4.5 to implement this
> piece.  I'm stumped on how to configure the pn agent.  Following some
> newsgroup and forum posts, I tried setting the "Edit client-side proxy" to
> "Default – None", but this does not work.
> Any ideas on something else we could try?  Is there a way to test the
> pnagent to see if it's trying to access the servers with an internal instead
> of an external address?  I know with the Web UI this can be done by simply
> logging in to the interface and downloading a copy of the ICA file, and
> opening it with a text editor.  I have noted, that logging on the client
> side seems to be lacking…
> Thanks,
> MM

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