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MSTerminalServices.org - Monthly Article Update

Hi THIN List,

New articles added to MSTerminalServices.org last month:

Title:  How To Use ResHacker To Secure Your Terminal Server Environments
Author: Michel Roth
Summary:        This article discusses how to use ResHacker to lock down 
Terminal Server applications.

Title:  Freeware Tools for the Terminal Server Infrastructure (Part 2)
Author: Wilco van Bragt
Summary:        In Part 2 of this article series I continue the discussion on 
the best freeware tools, focusing on Security, Troubleshooting, Policies, 
Profiles, and more.

Title:  Setting up Citrix shadowing from A to Z
Author: Stefan Vermeulen
Link:   http://www.MSTerminalServices.org/articles/Setting-Citrix-shadowing.html
Summary:        In this article I will describe Citrix shadowing.

Title:  Third Party add-ons: Do you really need them?
Author: Cláudio Rodrigues
Summary:        I will examine the popular question of the necessity of third 
party add-ons within an SBC environment and give advice on whether it is a good 
idea or not.

Title:  Freeware Tools for the Terminal Server Infrastructure (Part 1)
Author: Wilco van Bragt
Summary:        Beside the standard tools provided in the product there are 
also many wonderful tools available for the Terminal Server field. In this 
article I will describe the most used favorite tools and software, which are 
available for free.

Title:  Terminal Service Administration and Folder Redirection
Author: Brien M. Posey 
Summary:        If Remote Desktop for Administration is enabled on a server 
that’s running Windows Server 2003, then the server can not be configured to 
use offline files and vice versa. In this article, I will explain why that is 
and how you can decide which of these two features is more important to you.

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