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MSTerminalServices.org - Monthly Article Update

Hi THIN List,

New articles added to MSTerminalServices.org last month:

Title:  An Overview of Longhorn Server’s Terminal Service Gateway (Part 3)
Author: Brien M. Posey 
Summary:        In Part 2 of this article series, I showed you how to create an 
enterprise certificate authority that could be used to issue SSL certificates 
to your Terminal Service gateway. In this article, I will continue the 
discussion by showing you how to configure the Terminal Service gateway to 
interact with the certificate authority that you created.

Title:  The Hunt for the Bad Printer Driver
Author: Stefan Vermeulen
Link:   http://www.MSTerminalServices.org/articles/hunt-bad-printer-driver.html
Summary:        In this article I will go into the extensive search you need to 
do to find a culprit printer driver haunting your farm. This article should 
reduce the wild goose chase back to a 10 minute job.

Title:  Server Based Computing: Goldmine Or Snakepit? (Part 1)
Author: Michel Roth
Summary:        Server Based Computing is hot these days. Seems like Server 
based Computing is the way to go. But is it? Is Server Based Computing a 
goldmine or a snakepit?

Title:  Using Citrix Resource Manager
Author: Wilco van Bragt
Summary:        In this article I will describe the benefits of Resource 
Manager, the configuration of Resource Manager, and how to best use Resource 
Manager during system administration.

Title:  An Overview of Longhorn Server’s Terminal Service Gateway (Part 2)
Author: Brien M. Posey 
Summary:        In this article, I will continue the discussion by showing you 
how to confirm that the necessary services are installed correctly. From there, 
I will show you how to create a certificate authority that issues the 
certificates used to encrypt gateway traffic.

Title:  Deploying your customized RDP client
Author: Cláudio Rodrigues
Summary:        In this article I will explain how you can get your own 
customized RDP client and create an MSI file so you can deploy it remotely 
using Group Policies, SMS or any other tool you may have in place.

Title:  Using Group Policy To Support Custom Applications In Your Environment
Author: Michel Roth
Summary:        In Terminal Server/Citrix environments there are always 
applications that aren’t exactly mainstream. Usually they do not come with 
proper management tools. You of course want to manage them in a professional 
manner, preferably using Group Policy. In this article I’ll show you how to go 
about this.

Title:  Client To Server Content Redirection Explained
Author: Wilco van Bragt
Summary:        This article will describe Client to Server content redirection 
in detail.

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