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MSTerminalServices.org - Monthly Article Update

Hi THIN List,

New articles added to MSTerminalServices.org last month:

Title:  Load Balancing Terminal Services: All you wanted to know but were 
afraid to ask (Part 2)
Author: Cláudio Rodrigues
Summary:        Resuming from where we left, in this second part we will finish 
discussing the software based options, take a quick peek at the hardware 
options out there and conclude with some useful advice!

Title:  Fileserving in Terminal Server Environments (Part 2)
Author: Michel Roth
Summary:        In this second part of the series we will talk about how you 
can determine if you have Fileserving performance issues and how you can 
prevent this from occurring by adhering to best practises.

Title:  Seamless Application explained
Author: Stefan Vermeulen
Summary:        In this article I will describe the technology involved in 
seamless applications and give you some insight as to why seamless does not 
always work 100% correctly.

Title:  What to Expect From the Windows Terminal Services in a 64-Bit 
Environment (Part 2)
Author: Brien M. Posey 
Summary:        In this article, I will continue my discussion by talking about 
the impact of a move to a 64-bit operating system on your server’s hardware.

Title:  How to: Unattended Citrix Presentation Server Installation (Part 2)
Author: Wilco van Bragt
Summary:        In this article I will show the different parameters for 
creating and joining the farm and will also describe how to create a farm with 
a local database.

Title:  Load Balancing Terminal Services: All you wanted to know but were 
afraid to ask (Part 1)
Author: Cláudio Rodrigues
Summary:        This article will give a better idea of what Load Balancing is, 
the most common features you should look out for and what your options are.

Title:  Fileserving in Terminal Server Environments (Part 1)
Author: Michel Roth
Summary:        Fileserving very often is a much underestimated part of 
Terminal Server environments. Improperly configured fileserving components can 
wreak havoc on your performance. In this two-part article we will explore 
fileserving in Terminal Server environments and how you can make sure that you 
get the best performance out if it.

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