[THIN] Re: HP Thin Clients (newer Models)

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  • Date: Wed, 20 Apr 2005 15:14:04 -0400

I had the same problem if that makes you feel better. I still have not had a 
chance to get it working...so if you find the solution please let me know.


Matthew Shrewsbury, MCSE+Internet MCSE 2000 CCA Server+

Senior Network Administrator

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Now I just have to figure out how Altiris works into eh whole scheme.  I was 
hoping to use it to build images a preconfigured Thin Client, to be able to 
push it to other thin clients, if needed.  


I was hoping I could totally build one out, create a "disk" image and go. 


I try to create disk image from the single thin client, it says uploading, but 
the thin client just reboots, reboots, reboots.


And I thought this setup would make my life easier.



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I take it that's helped a bit.

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        I have to hold my hands up and admit that I'm not entirely sure. All I 
know is we created a local user account (called User) not in the administrators 
group and when that user logs in to kiosk mode (using autologon) the buttons 
along the bottom of the connection manager window have vanished. I don't 
remember doing anything special to set it up that way, it just happened. When 
logged in as Administrator, all the buttons are present and correct.


        I've just created a test user on a nearby terminal. When the username 
is flagged as an administrator, the connection manager options are there. When 
the administrator tickbox  (connection 
manager>Advanced>Security>Users>username>modify>permissions) is unticked, the 
connection manager is locked down.

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                How did you force the cut down connection manager for users and 
not for admins?


                This is where it becomes confusing so far.  Seems if I set 
kiosk, everyone (including admin) gets kiosk, I hide connection center, it is 
gone for everyone.


                I want to run it locked down, but need some accessibility for 
the admins, of course.


                I have altiris, man, that is no picnic to install.  I need to 
find a SQL server I can install it on.



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                We're just starting to roll out a couple of hundred T5500s. We 
have them setup to autologin as a restricted user, with the option of pressing 
ESC to login as the local administrator during the 5 second autologin 
countdown. Standard users get the terminal in kiosk mode with only the cut-down 
connection manager and a single autostart ICA connection. Administrators get 
the full connection manager ,including options to reenable the desktop.


                Assuming you've deployed Altiris (the client licenses come with 
the terminals so it's a good move), you can reimage, remotely control 
(including logging users off and logging on as the administrator), reboot etc 
from your desktop.

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                        Anyone have any knowledge of the configuration of the 
newer model HP thin clients? 

                        Chad M. Schneider 
                        Technology Analyst 
                        Bemis Company, Inc. 
                        "Just because you can, does not mean that you should." 

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