[THIN] Re: Daily Concurrent user reports - Presentation server 4.5 farm.

  • From: Saravanan Srinivasan <sarav2k@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: thin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 1 Apr 2009 14:34:38 -0700 (PDT)

Thanks for your note.
I use that from Edgesight for all users list. But my mgmt is very specific 
about concurrent user count for each day.
ummm. Didn't get any success so far.

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From: Andrew Wood <andrew.wood@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: [THIN] Re: Daily Concurrent user reports - Presentation server 4.5 
To: thin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Wednesday, April 1, 2009, 10:54 AM

Sorry – for edgesight step 2.  should have been “Sessions created for a group 
by day”

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Subject: [THIN] Re: Daily Concurrent user reports - Presentation server 4.5 
We archive off our license log files monthly - but we use these to generate 
concurrent usage numbers
1.       Historical Usage -> Add report logs (Add your reports from your 
2.       Product Reports -> Choose your product (e.g.  Enterprise| Concurrent 
3.       Product Reports -> Choose your date range (e.g. All)
4.       Product Reports -> Choose your summary period (day/ week)
5.       Product Reports -> Choose ‘Number of licenses’
6.       Generate the report
If we want to do a ‘who logged on in the past month’ we can use Edgesight 
1.       Edgesight – Devices->Performance->Sessions
2.       Select ‘Sessions for a group by day’
3.       Select your group (we’ve terminal servers grouped by internal/external 
– you might have something different)
4.       Select the date range
5.       Generate the report
6.       Export the data to CSV (Or excel, but CSV is quicker)
7.       Import the file into Excel
8.       Select user column & de-duplicate
9.       The resulting list is who has accessed your service over the past month
Obviously, you can change the time frame to be day/week/quarter as you like.

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Saravanan Srinivasan
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To: thin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [THIN] Daily Concurrent user reports - Presentation server 4.5 farm.



I am interested to know what others are doing to get daily concurrent user 
count for a monthly report?



We have edgesight and I couldn't find report for this. 



Built-in Report Center in AMC also doesn't have anything for that.


License Console:

I thought Historical Usage has some good reports... 

But whatever I select It came up with one one all the time.



May be I didn't use these tools properly or something I am doing wrong...

Any idea? 


I can go for a third party tool too if it works. Any suggestions?





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