[THIN] Re: Daily Concurrent user reports - Presentation server 4.5 farm.

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...now I’ve had a chance to read the book...


Your ability to run reports from the license service is dependent on the 
license service logging the usage data


By default, report logging is turned off in MetaFrame Access Suite licensing. 
To activate report logging, add the REPORTLOG keyword to the options file. This 
keyword specifies the log location, and it specifies that the report log is not 
overwritten when the license server is restarted. 


The options file is a server configuration file that defines licensing 
behaviour – your options file is probably C:\Program

Files\Citrix\Licensing\MyFiles\CITRIX.opt" on your license server.  By default 
it’ll have 





as default options. You’ll want to add the following to the .opt file and 
restart the license service:


REPORTLOG + “c:\program files\citrix\licensing\ls\reportlog.rl”


This will store usage (for reporting) to the file reportlog.rl – the “+” symbol 
means that the file will not be overwritten when you start the service


As the log file can grow and become unwieldy; Citrix recommend  not  having 
your report log grow over 50MB. We archive our log files monthly – essentially 
a script runs on the 1st of the month, stops the license service, moves the 
current report.rl file and renames it and restarts the license service. 


I’ve got a script somewhere if you’re interested?









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Have you enabled logging on the license server? By default the license service 
doesn't log 

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Hi Hth,


I am getting this error when I select specific dates.


Warning: C:\Program Files\Citrix\Licensing\LS\reportlog.rl contains 0 seconds 
duration or it falls entirely outside the time period specified for this report.
No events found for this report


If I select All...it gets me a graph just for a day....

Any idea?


Thanks for your help.

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We archive off our license log files monthly - but we use these to generate 
concurrent usage numbers


1.       Historical Usage -> Add report logs (Add your reports from your 

2.       Product Reports -> Choose your product (e.g.  Enterprise| Concurrent 

3.       Product Reports -> Choose your date range (e.g. All) 

4.       Product Reports -> Choose your summary period (day/ week) 

5.       Product Reports -> Choose ‘Number of licenses’ 

6.       Generate the report 



If we want to do a ‘who logged on in the past month’ we can use Edgesight 


1.       Edgesight – Devices->Performance->Sessions 

2.       Select ‘Sessions for a group by day’ 

3.       Select your group (we’ve terminal servers grouped by internal/external 
– you might have something different) 

4.       Select the date range 

5.       Generate the report 

6.       Export the data to CSV (Or excel, but CSV is quicker) 

7.       Import the file into Excel 

8.       Select user column & de-duplicate 

9.       The resulting list is who has accessed your service over the past 


Obviously, you can change the time frame to be day/week/quarter as you like. 






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Subject: [THIN] Daily Concurrent user reports - Presentation server 4.5 farm.




I am interested to know what others are doing to get daily concurrent user 
count for a monthly report?



We have edgesight and I couldn't find report for this. 



Built-in Report Center in AMC also doesn't have anything for that.


License Console:

I thought Historical Usage has some good reports... 

But whatever I select It came up with one one all the time.



May be I didn't use these tools properly or something I am doing wrong...

Any idea? 


I can go for a third party tool too if it works. Any suggestions?







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