[THIN] Re: Citrx XPe and Backup Exec 9 IDR option

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Are the drives still remapped after the restore?
We ran into similar issues (though not using IDR), restoring the whole 
system from tape w/ backup exec 8.6

The system wanted to be on the C: drive, so if we got the server to boot 
properly, none of the apps worked because they were looking for M:, etc. , 
in the registry and the system restored to C:.  Solution was to reinstall 
Metaframe and remap the drive letters during install.  After that, it 
seemed to work fine.  This was MF 1.8, you might try running the remap 
drives utility after your restore.

That said, I still decided to abandon remapped drives in our new MFXP farm 
build, and recovering now is a breeze. 

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You got farther than I did.  With version 8, we actually had tech support
tell us that IDR didn't work.  Got our money back for it.  We since
upgraded to Netbackup and am getting ready to try it's version of IDR.


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Is anyone out there using Backup Exec 9 (build 4454) with the intelligent
disaster recovery option on a Citrix server XPe (FR3 CD installation but
farm set at FR2 level) (drives remapped by citrix ? C=M,D=N,E=O, using W2K
SP4) ?

And more to the point.. has anybody successfully restored this via the IDR
CD (automated restore ? minimum interaction) and a good backup on a remote
media server ?
It's not going well for me !!

http://seer.support.veritas.com/docs/259441.htm says it works but I can't
seem to get it to work?

It seems to get confused after the restore (which worked correctly). It
reboots and then asks for the SP4 CD. It seems to go through trying to 
various files from the CD e.g. NT5INF.CAT (and not the CA_  version which
is on the CD ? so I had to point it off to the local copy of this file). 
eventually finishes copy files and wants both the original W2K server CD
and the SP4 CD. If you feed it through this process it eventually gets to
the point that it says its going to reboot.
It reboots but you can't load up the CMC, various icons on the quick start
menu ( internet explorer etc) are missing.

Error Message when starting the CMC says ? The management Console for
Metaframe XP could not be started because there was an error in creating
the process. Would you like more details ? (Y/N)


Error code 1813 (0x715) occurred while attempting to execute "with working
directory 'M:\PROGRA~1\Citrix\ADMINI~1'

I'd say that it looks like the short names are not being corrected after
restore.. I read a technote last night and this said that this had been
fixed but I'm not convinced. I've tried another restore and same thing..

If anyone has any ideas? I'd be really grateful.

Just one good piece of news ?. At least this is on my test network and
thankfully not the main live production farm !!....

Dave Boatman

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