[TechAssist] Re: Envision Flat Panel Monitor

  • From: peggs <peggs@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 05 May 2004 21:58:58 -0700

The main PS board is part of the Main PCB(i hope that made sense:-)
There are a few Radial Caps,but they ESR fine.
There are also some SM Caps I've yet to check.
The other board in here is the Lamps Driver/PCB.
Any ideas what voltages I should be looking for on the Lamp PCB ???


At 05:46 PM 5/5/04, Jim Shupe wrote:
>   I would warm the thing's power supply slowly and
>observe for any changes in symptoms...if there are
>then you know you should ESR all the caps.
>   Nowadays, I find that the most common component
>failures are electrolytic capacitors leaking and
>drying out.
>...just my two cents.
>   Jim Shupe, CET
>   Lloyd's TV
>   Yucca Valley, CA
>peggs <peggs@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:My first flat panel
>to work on.
>model EN-7100s
>This thing has 5 warranty stickers inside here.#6 is
>on the Back.
>I guess they were expecting in-warranty troubles.
>Anyway,when it was dropped off,we hooked it up and it
>stuck in stand-by(yellow power light) and couldn't
>turn it off.
>Now,with the back removed Power light comes on and off
>properly,but still
>it's stuck in the stand-by mode,with a slight Flash by
>the Screen periodically.
>I don't know what the Voltages should be on the Lamp
>or on the PCB that
>drives it.
>Would this Lamp cause it to stay in stand-by ???
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