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  • From: Will Wood <evilscientistboo@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 26 Jul 2006 09:44:13 -0500 (GMT-05:00)

Your first question is how deep are your pockets?

First performance upgrade I always recommend is a counterweighted crank and a 
balance on the rotating assembly.  Even in a 1600 this is excellent for a 
smoother running engine that will run all day long.  A 1776 is a
great choice, easy on the budget.  If you go much beyond a 1776 then stock 
heads start to become a limiting factor, etc.  Cams are always a good 
discussion point too.  In a bus, I always like a cam that has more midrange for 
freeway speeds.  When you're choosing a cam, what kind of rockers are you 
running stock? 1.4s? 1.5s?  That adds up quickly.  So, how deep are your 

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>so it has been quiet here for a while now so i decided to start a real 
>discussion not a brian messed up and forgot to tighten the axle nut 
>so here goes:
>i just aquired a dual releif case. my goal is to eventually with time and 
>money build a nice, carry the bus and it's shit around at 70-75 mph without 
>having to swap trannies type of motor. now i know folks have talked about 
>1835's vs. 1776's and i have heard some talk about 1914's. i know this it 
>should probalby be a stroker, after that i am lost. i don't really want dual 
>carbs because i want it to look somewhat stock. no denis, no mega squirt 
>either. i am thinking some sort of progressive carb. i know i will run an 
>external cooler and filter, probably the filter i have. i know it will have 
>a doghouse cooler also. so here is the big questions:
>what kind of heads?
>what kind of rockers?
>what kind of stroke?
>what kind of bore?
>what kind of fuel pump?
>what kind of carb?
>what kind of oil pump?
>am i crazy?
>again i don't want a big dogg performer like what is in will's DC. what do 
>you all recommend?
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