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  • From: sammie smith <bugcollections@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 9 May 2007 18:36:12 -0700 (PDT)

These have the shoes, backing plates and all the guts except for the cylinders 
on the rears.  Ad on the samba a couple of days ago from some one in Nebraska I 
think, that is restoring the cylinders by resleaving them with stainless and 
all new rubber, plungers etc and I think they are $450 for a complete set of 6 
(4 front 2 rear).

evilscientistboo@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:  I bought a complete set of Bs a year abo 
for 120 bucks. The guy even shipped them for that. It sounds like you found 
some bargains.

I'm still looking for reasonably priced shoes, wheel cylinders and balance 
tubes for mine.

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From: sammie smith 
Date: Wed, 9 May 2007 18:13:27 
Subject: [tcb] Re: brakes

Not cleaning the garage:  Just keep running into these weird parts.  Found a 
set of the B drums and brakes as described with no apparent wear though I 
haven't measured them for $200 at the Temple swap meet and picked them up for a 
Porsche friend.  Also from the same seller have agreed to purchase a set of 
complete front A brakes as described for the same price $200.  Thought it 
sounded like too good a deal to pass up and my porsche guy wanted them.  Just 
curios as to how indebted he is to me now.  Also, thought seriously about 
keeping them for myself and going old school stopping power on a bug or bus.  
tbrough all of the Porsche ads on the samba and could only find one set of B 
drums advertised and they had been renovated by a Porsche restoration shop-$500 
for fair ones $750 for excellent ones.  And that was drums only. 
evilscientistboo@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote: A set of four B series drums amd backing 
plates run in the 500 range used. That is if there's usable steel on the drum 
inserts. Last time - check a set of used A brakes in the same condition was 
about 800. New A drums alone run over 1000 bucks.

Are you cleaning your garage or somethin?

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From: sammie smith 
Date: Wed, 9 May 2007 17:44:18 
Subject: [tcb] brakes

Will:  or anyone else; do you have a realistic estimate of the value of a set 
of rear 356B Porsche brakes complete including backing plates except for wheel 
cylinders.  Good condition externally with no apparent shoe wear on the drum.  
Also, same question for a set of front 356A brakes complete including wheel 
Bus content:  These would go great on a barndoor. 

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