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If you want whole axles with cv's, boot's all put together talk to Bill. He found some at Autozone or Oriely's. They are for a front wheel drive car but cross reference to an exact match for a bus. He put them on last year and the rest of us supervised. He said they were cheaper too.

On 5/3/2011 10:52 AM, Julie wrote:
I didn't think there was such a thing as replacement CV boots that are split for a Bay. If i reuse the joints I will need to clean the sand and gravel out and I'm sure I will find a blackened ball bearing or ugly marks and those sorts of things and I will frett about them and buy new ones and then I will put it all back together and be upset when two years from now my boots are ripped again. Ugh! Am I crazy to think that they should last more than 50,000 miles?

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Julie Most of the new boots that I have seen do not last . It is still easier to use the " replacement boots " split ones than to pull CVs buy extra boots On your shocks , if you were a postal employee you would find a old shock & remove the rubber gromet & use it terry

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My '71 started making a new noise the other day.  Upon further investigation I
see that one of my rear shocks is loose.  The nuts and bolts are in place but I
can move it side to side.  Shouldn't there be a rubbery bit that holds it more
securely to the bolt? (Any danger if I keep driving it this way for a few more
days, I don't think the shock will fall off?)

So if I should just replace the shocks, I should replace the gosh dang blasted
cv boots.  Ugh!  They were all replaced  like three years ago, the new ones all
fell apart within a year (just bought whatever ones they had at Austin VeeDub).
Then two years ago replaced them with Danish made ones they sell at Wolfsburg
West and now they are falling apart!  And if I put new shocks on they will just
be covered with goopy grease in no time.

It is easy to buy those already put together cheapy cv axles/joints/boot things
and just put them on but people tell me they are junk - use the old cv joints if
they are in good enough shape.  But heck at the rate of replacing them every
couple of years, maybe I should just go ahead and buy a case of them!

What grease should I be filling these joints with?  Maybe I use the rubber boot
eating grease?

So what shocks should I get?

Should I buy those complete CV axles thingies? Or are they junk?

What kind of grease should I use in the CVs?

Can I do any care to the outside of the CV boots to help keep them from falling
apart so often?  Like caress them with Lubridem or Armor All?

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