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Well Will; technically the 40 bastard is really only 36 according to the manual. But, the original bastard was replaced with a factory replacement 40, so I guess it really is 40. But, in the old days of drag racing in a Type I, a 36 horse would outrun, barely, a 40 horse in a quarter mile. The 40 would out top end the 36 slightly, but the 36 had slightly better acceleration for some reason. Have to take my word for it cause there ain't no more bone stock untouched 36 and 40 horse from the factory engines around anymore.

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We should Drag Race sometime.  My 36HP Judson against your old 40.. ;-)

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>NO! NO! NO!  Let him drive!  He's on the trip of a lifetime.  I would drive
>my panel and follow him cept 50 mph on a stock 40 just won't hack it on the
>At 12:41 PM 10/20/2006, you wrote:
>>Another possibility is go to a muffler shop and have them built whatever
>>exhaust system you want.
>>  I think he  should have one built that will come out ahead of the wheels.
>>You know,I think there are to many issues for him to resolve and maybe he
>>should limp back to Ark.An really start getting ready for a trip.He has a
>>real nice trailer That Murray likes to ride on.

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