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  • Date: Sun, 20 May 2012 17:07:27 -0400

yes! your right!
my cell phone does not even have Internet access! don't need it! so don't want to pay for it at home and also on a cell phone!

Have A Nice Day, From, K4NKZ Jim B.D.T.B.

On 5/20/2012 3:45 PM, Allison and Chip Orange wrote:
Hi Jim,
Since no one else replied on list anyway, I'll give you my guesses, as well as another point of view. A friend of mine owns an I-phone, and pays around $100 per month. You could probably take a lower data plan (less bytes per month), and less minutes, and get it down somewhat, but I doubt you'll get it under $80 per month. If you buy any apps which price themselves as a service with a monthly fee, of course that will add more. Almost all of the apps (the really useful ones which do something with analyzing data) do require a data plan, as they send the image or the sound of your voice back over the data link to a server, where it's processed, and the result is sent back to your phone; so you can't get away with buying a voice plan only. There's also the cost of the phone initially, and you'll have to sign something like a two-year contract; getting out of the contract will cost you almost as much as finishing out the contract. You asked about which model of I-phone; from my reading (I don't own one) it sure looks like the 4S with its speech recognition capabilities would be the preferred phone. Here's the other point of view part: every one I know says "I love my I-phone (or smart phone)", so you all don't need to write to tell me that, I know it from other times when I've presented this point of view. My point is that, especially for someone who has to live on SSI or SSDI, these phones are far too expensive; selling you "coolness", but coolness at too high a price. And when your contract is over, unlike if you had purchased a talking GPS or a talking barcode scanner, you have nothing. To continue having OCR or GPS capabilities you have to sign another contract. Therefore, I think most blind people who live on such restricted incomes, would be better off using one of the prepaid phones (which cost around $80 a year, instead of $1200 a year), and then consider purchasing OCR devices or software, barcode scanners, laptops, etc. instead. They don't have the cool factor I know, but you often can buy such devices refurbished or used, and of course you own them. More than just own them, you're under no contract to continue to pay for them; if you need your money for something else, you don't have to keep paying it every month to a phone provider; you are much more in control of your financial world. Note that this is not a discussion on how nice the smart phones are, or what they can do; only that financially I believe you have better choices. I also have reservations that blind people who can afford these phones, are encouraging those who cannot, to buy them. Even to the point of encouraging others to get rid of their household landline. Once you feel you can easily spare $1200 a year and not miss it, then go for it and enjoy! (but then I'll argue there are few people who can really afford to spend $1200 a year and not miss it, there's always a stronger argument for saving that money). I hope you received some off-list replies at least to your question (I was surprised not to see any answers), but I thought this issue was important enough to be raised on the list.
Good luck,

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    thanks! for all this info!
    1, which apple phone is the best for us to get?
    2, is their one for OCR?
    3, what would be the monthly cost for the Apps and phone use?

    Have A Nice Day, From, K4NKZ Jim B.D.T.B.

    On 5/19/2012 2:52 PM, Lynn Evans wrote:
    This may be useful, I hope.

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