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Hi, I myself use a mail client to read my mail. I use outlook. But have used
and used recently Google  mail online. I use the Old version or HTML
version. This works well for me. I also using the latest JFW.

JP ( Joe Plummer)

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Hi Everyone,
at one time, I could access my Gmail without a problem.  Comcast still
blocks it, for some reason--at least mail from this particular domain--but I
can go online and find the messages but can't read them.  We even changed
the color scheme to be, what we hoped, more JAWS-friendly.
I am using JFW 11.0 with I.E. 8.
Any help would be deeply appreciated, as I must read the posts up there by
Darla & Precious Roxy
Darla J. Rogers
Skype Username:  wildflower0628
"Injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere."---Martin Luther King, Jr.

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