[ SHOWGSD-L ] Black & Red and Black Sables...

  • From: Jen Proud <proudk911@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 20 Jan 2015 23:20:28 -0600

it appears that what people think "is" a certain color or pattern is a
matter of either opinion or semantics.
So it leaves me wondering, hearing the talk about "black" sables. For those
willing to answer, how would you describe the look of a black sable?  Or
now that we can post pictures, a picture would work great too!

Just throwing it out there, thinking along the lines of how we can become
more effective in promoting our breed and all about it in a consistent
manner all around the nation, and the positive effect that would have for
the breed if we were unified in our terminology at least

Jen P & her Pack laughing about the semantics knowing that what I register
as "tan", most of y'all would consider "red" (my reasoning being that I
don't think it is red when you compare to what internationally is
considered red... We'd almost call it "mahogany" here in America!) oh and to
me, a "black" sable is one who looks just like a bicolor until you part
their hair to reveal the undercoat being phaeomelanic instead of eumelanic

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