[rollei_list] Re: looks like it is the end for agfa

  • From: "John A. Lind" <jalind@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 28 May 2005 21:24:53 -0500

At 09:00 PM 5/28/2005, Jerry Lehrer wrote:
>That is my feeling exactly.  I will NOT forget my experience with
>that film.
>Another nail in AGFA's coffin.

Most of the professional negative films are relatively soft . . . the Agfa 
you used is intended for portraiture and wedding work when the softness of 
contrast is generally desirable.  You would likely have gotten similar 
results from Kodak's Portra 160 NC which has a very wide latitude . . . so 
as not to lose highlights in white dresses or details in black tuxes right 
next to them . . . and relatively low saturation to maintain pleasing skin 
tones.  The print materials pro labs generally use with the Agfa's 
Portrait, Kodak's Portra and Fuji's equivalent are (in general) more suited 
for the films as well . . . knowing it is used for wedding and 
portraiture.   All that said . . . I prefer Kodak's Portra 160 NC for 
portraiture . . . the only Kodak color film I use aside from Kodachrome and 
Ektachrome 160T.

For color negative, you might wish to try (one roll) of Kodak's Ultra Color 
100 (formerly Portra 100 UC).  It wasn't to my particular liking (I shot 
two rolls of it) . . . I shoot nearly all chrome for things I would want 
the higher saturation . . . but you may find it better suited for what 
you're doing.  If you're using 35mm, then try Kodak's High Definition 200 
(used to be Royal Gold 200).  It has a different character compared to 100 
UC.  You might have to order it as all I can find locally is High 
Definition 400 which is noticeably grainier and doesn't withstand large 
enlargement that well (its speed is also is problematic for me in bright 
sunlight; pushes me to teeny-tiny apertures with high shutter speeds . . . 
no depth of field control).

I've also found that if color balancing is off in printing, in nearly any 
direction, it can make prints look dull and lifeless.

-- John Lind

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