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According to my two Rollei T's, the film pressure plate is settable to either  
6X6 cm or 24X36MM, the latter with a Rolleikin, of course.
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  Ardeshir Mehta wrote:

  >On Friday, April 22, 2005, at 07:02  PM, David Seifert wrote:
  >>You were only partially in error. The units in question were equipped 
  >>with a 24 frame counter. The camera still used 120 film but produced 
  >>24 smaller (24x36?) on the film via a masking system. We went through 
  >>this last year in more detail than anyone cares to recall.
  >>Best Regards,
  >Oh? This is interesting! Are you sure the prints were as small as 24x36 
  >mm? Could they have been 30x60 mm?

  Just for you, I look this up again.  According to Prochnow in Rollei 
  Report 2 page 409 there were 250 units of this type built in June 1961.  
  He notes that these were "Direktverkauf, nicht gelistet", direct sale, 
  no price listed.  I interpret that to mean that these were a custom 
  order batch.  The customer is not mentioned.  They used 120 film and 
  produced either 12 6x6 images per roll or 24 24x36 images per roll using 
  the special mask kit.  Thus, they had a 12/24 frame counter.

  For the record, the standard model of that run (56,000 units) came with 
  a 12/16 frame counter equipped to do 12 or 16 exposures per 120 roll.  
  The mask kit produced 16 4.5x5 images.

  Thus spake Prochnow!


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