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You can see the Rolleiflex 3.5B or MX-EVS with the first EVS version,
mentioned in my post, in one of my blogs; it's the rare model with the
word "Germany" in the diaphragm wheel; it's the finfth image (click on
the thumbnail):



2014-05-18 8:21 GMT-03:00 CarlosMFreaza <cmfreaza@xxxxxxxxx>:
> I can answer about the MX-EVS taking info from Prochnow Rollei Report
> II and my own experience. The MX-EVS is the 3.5B for this author, he
> does not distinguish Type 1 or Type 2 but there are some differences
> within this model, enough for other authors to distinguish 1 and 2.
> This was the first Rolleiflex TLR with EVS system, it was manufactured
> between April 1954 till September 1956, there were two serial numbers
> blocks for this camera:1,428,000 till 1,499,999 and 1,700,000 till
> 1,737,999.- 94,000 3.5B or MX-EVS were manufactured. The camera was
> provided with three different taking lens:Tessar 3.5/75 (Carl Zeiss
> Jena), Opton Tessar 3.5/75 (Carl Zeiss Oberkochen), Xenar 3.5/75
> (Schneider). This camera used the linear Synchro Compur CR00 MX for
> the EVS for the first time in a Rolleiflex. From the camera serial
> number 1,700,000 (starting the second serial numbers block) were
> introduced improvements for the EVS, f.e. the neutral or free
> position. For the author Evans these improvements are enough to call
> the 3.5B "MX-EVS Type 2" from the serial number 1,700,000.-
> There were three technical moments for the EVS development. We can
> find the first moment in the firsts 3.5B or MX-EVS Type 1 cameras,
> these cameras don't have the middle button in the diaphragm wheel to
> lock-unlock the system, these cameras are from the serial number
> 1,428,000 till 1,464,000 (this complete block is till 1,499,999). Some
> of these rare firsts MX-EVS have  the word "Germany" in the diaphragm
> wheel, Prochnow shows a photograph in 16-358. I think this camera is
> rare today,  the serial numbers block is shared with the 2.8C.- The
> second technical moment for the EVS was the central button that you
> need to maintain pressed to unlock the EVS, it was added from the
> serial numbers 1,464,000 till 1,499,999, I think this camera is well
> known and in general the users indentify it as "MX-EVS type 1", but
> really it is a second EVS evolution. Prochnow shows a front panel
> photograph also in 16-358.- The 3.5B "MX-EVS" Type 2 (according Evans
> name) has the EVS mechanism more perfectioned with the  free wheel or
> neutral wheel position, avoiding to maintain pressed the button to
> unlock the EVS, this system is also used in the 2.8D, E, 3,5E and
> other Rolleiflex models (some Rolleicords and T also have EVS but the
> means to set it are different), this is a third evolution, Prochnow
> shows a front panel also in 16-358. This evolution started in the
> second serial numbers block for the 3.5B, 1,700,000 till 1,737,999.-
> Carlos
> 2014-05-18 0:05 GMT-03:00 Evan Dong <dmarc-noreply@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
>> I have a question that I was unable to locate any information for a 10 blade
>> aperture Rolleiflex TLR other than the 2.8C.
>> I have a Rolleiflex MX-EVS Type 1 that has a round blade formation, rather
>> the pentagon shape usually encountered.
>> What information is available for the other than a 2.8C Rolleiflex?
>> Evan Dong
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