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I can answer about the MX-EVS taking info from Prochnow Rollei Report
II and my own experience. The MX-EVS is the 3.5B for this author, he
does not distinguish Type 1 or Type 2 but there are some differences
within this model, enough for other authors to distinguish 1 and 2.
This was the first Rolleiflex TLR with EVS system, it was manufactured
between April 1954 till September 1956, there were two serial numbers
blocks for this camera:1,428,000 till 1,499,999 and 1,700,000 till
1,737,999.- 94,000 3.5B or MX-EVS were manufactured. The camera was
provided with three different taking lens:Tessar 3.5/75 (Carl Zeiss
Jena), Opton Tessar 3.5/75 (Carl Zeiss Oberkochen), Xenar 3.5/75
(Schneider). This camera used the linear Synchro Compur CR00 MX for
the EVS for the first time in a Rolleiflex. From the camera serial
number 1,700,000 (starting the second serial numbers block) were
introduced improvements for the EVS, f.e. the neutral or free
position. For the author Evans these improvements are enough to call
the 3.5B "MX-EVS Type 2" from the serial number 1,700,000.-

There were three technical moments for the EVS development. We can
find the first moment in the firsts 3.5B or MX-EVS Type 1 cameras,
these cameras don't have the middle button in the diaphragm wheel to
lock-unlock the system, these cameras are from the serial number
1,428,000 till 1,464,000 (this complete block is till 1,499,999). Some
of these rare firsts MX-EVS have  the word "Germany" in the diaphragm
wheel, Prochnow shows a photograph in 16-358. I think this camera is
rare today,  the serial numbers block is shared with the 2.8C.- The
second technical moment for the EVS was the central button that you
need to maintain pressed to unlock the EVS, it was added from the
serial numbers 1,464,000 till 1,499,999, I think this camera is well
known and in general the users indentify it as "MX-EVS type 1", but
really it is a second EVS evolution. Prochnow shows a front panel
photograph also in 16-358.- The 3.5B "MX-EVS" Type 2 (according Evans
name) has the EVS mechanism more perfectioned with the  free wheel or
neutral wheel position, avoiding to maintain pressed the button to
unlock the EVS, this system is also used in the 2.8D, E, 3,5E and
other Rolleiflex models (some Rolleicords and T also have EVS but the
means to set it are different), this is a third evolution, Prochnow
shows a front panel also in 16-358. This evolution started in the
second serial numbers block for the 3.5B, 1,700,000 till 1,737,999.-


2014-05-18 0:05 GMT-03:00 Evan Dong <dmarc-noreply@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> I have a question that I was unable to locate any information for a 10 blade
> aperture Rolleiflex TLR other than the 2.8C.
> I have a Rolleiflex MX-EVS Type 1 that has a round blade formation, rather
> the pentagon shape usually encountered.
> What information is available for the other than a 2.8C Rolleiflex?
> Evan Dong
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