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  • From: Indigo <33indigo@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 22 Nov 2011 09:16:45 -0500

We'd need to be massikistic to look forward to 7.5.3; after this madness of 7.5.2!

I'm truly sorry for what it did to your music machine.
Now we know why we have to agree to the terms that they bear no responsibility for loss of income; before we can install their bombs.
Indigo L
On 11/21/2011 11:15 PM, Chris Belle wrote:
I am now using window-eyes 7.2 refresh.

I suspect that since window-eyes 7.5, something's been very broken with
we, I have had really funny stuff, it all started with the major
re-write with 7 then got better with the 7.2 refresh, then got a whole
lot worse again, with 7.5, and then really got upset with 7.5.2.

I've just been trying to work in 7.5.2, and even though they put the
access hack back in with a script, it's mushy.

it feels jitery, that's the only way to explain it, like the speech
can't keep up with me also stuff reported earlier, botched
installations, I actually ghosted back, and silly me didn't keep a copy
of 7.5.1 around can't lay my hands on that, so I can't go back to that.

also there seems to be some kind of conflict with sonar, eudora and
window-eyes, my main tools.

It's the damnest thing I've ever seen.

With window-eyes 7.5, once sonar just quit working period, and I had to

Why would gwmicro take the registry values out of a perfectly working
tool and make it have to happen with a script?

This also fowled up jaws and jsonar,
man what aggrivation in the middle of a very productive time too.

I know that bugs have to happen,
but this is ridiculous.

I really like certain things about we,
the mouse exploration methods, but we feels like a house being eaten up
by termites, or as my friend Indigo put it, or a beloved wife who's lost
her mind and you hope she'll come right, I bout fell out of my chair
when he said that.

My tool I've depended on for years even though it had it's weaknesses is
no longer the most stable screen reader on the market.

I sure don't want to make anyone mad, because there is one cat in our
midst I know who's worked their butt off to make we better,
but I can't be the only one this stuff is happening to.

Well, one more sma and we'll see.

maybe there's a 7.5.4 or a 7.5.5 ready in a coule months to address some
of these strange issues.

I am so sick of we can't reproduce the problem 'grin'.

I hope you other we users on here have had a better experience than me,
today's been the pits 'grin'.

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