[python] Re: The old qustion of PSI

  • From: Serge Prinz <prinz_serge@xxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 25 Jun 2010 22:18:17 +0200

Yes indeed!

...only a question of time.....till Jürgen put also handlebars on his bike ;-) ;-) ;-)

Serge from Belgium

Dirk Bonné a écrit :
Glad to hear it!

I can't find any good picture of the handlebars but you can see a
glimpse of them in this video right at the beginning:


These handlebars on my pythoon are 55cms wide. They are unnecesary wide,
but are a consequence of trying to ride with a pivot angle of 70 and 80
degrees (now I am back at 60degrees which seems to be an optimum).

On the baby python the handlebars were only 45cm wide. The handlebars
are specifically NOT for excerting high force - and thus are not for
turning. They just give the last measure of fine control that are not
possible by foot-steer only. They especially help at low speed, at high
speed, or in climbing situations. Practically all the pythoneers that
can obtain high speeds (60+kmh) have handlebars installed.


On 25.06.2010 13:43, Howard Stevens wrote:
Hi again Dirk.
Thanks for the suggestion....it works really well! I made a straight
bar 430mm long and bolted it on top and 40mm in front of the main
pivot joint.  It feels comfortable, as it gives a convenient support
for the hands and has virtually stopped the PSI.  I think mounting it
fore or aft of the joint probably doesn't affect the mechanical
leverage, as the important leverage distance appears to be how far
lateral to the pivot, the handgrips are placed.  THe handlebars
are very little use for turning but great to stabilise the trike. Also I was previously worried about crashing if my feet slipped from
the pedals, but this gives another means of control. So look out!  I'm
now cruising!!  Cheers Howard


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