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  • From: Dirk Bonné <dirk.bonne@xxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 22 Jun 2010 09:50:22 +0200

Hello Howard, why not put handlebars on your python? Your arms are the
best dampers in the world.


On 18.06.2010 04:46, Howard Stevens wrote:
> Hi Pythonites.  Like some others I have some problems with PSI with my
> Python-like trike.  The steering pivot is 100mm in front of the line
> of my hips and I cannot get it closer than this with my design.  I
> have tried bungy cords which make it quite rideable but when peddling
> up hills the PSI becomes more noticeable, despite paying attention to
> pedalling style and gearing.  My idea is like the old motorbike
> dampers which reduced movements by increasing the friction of the
> joint movements.  (see the attachment) By having a hollow pivot pin
> with a cam lever and skewer with a nut on the lower end, and adjusting
> the nut at the lower end of the pivot screw you could adjust the
> amount of friction and hence movement needed, but avoiding any locking
> which could be dangerous. By releasing the cam lever at the top, all
> the friction would cease and so you could easily turn.  The friction
> would be between the bottom aluminium plate and the carbon fibre base
> of the front wheel housing.  The old motorbike dampers had a couple of
> bronze plates as well, which I understand made good friction plates. 
> Another thing I mentioned was the idea of putting a wide tyre on the
> front wheel, thus giving increased traction for pulling on hills and
> for braking. The extra rubber to road contact would also make the
> wheel less likely to wobble, according to some experimenters. 
> So any comments ?  Happy cycling  Howard Stevens


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