[python] Ice python and ice races

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  • Date: Mon, 6 Feb 2006 21:53:22 -0500

The ice races have come and gone, and while Marcel's ice python worked very
well, I didn't have enough time in the saddle of the python delta to be
fast, or competitive :)  I did manage to take it around for a few laps and
it felt fine on the ice with the studded tires, but the lure of my ice racer
and its speed was too great, so the delta didn't see any race-time.  I'll
put the delta pictures up tomorrow night.  Mike was there, but alas, he
brought his trike instead of his python delta.

Marcel, however, was a force to be reckoned with!  He was typically very
smooth, and very fast and some bad luck took him out of the top spots.  I
put some pictures and some info here:


It may take a while to load as it has a bunch of pictures on that page.  I
might split the page up to make it load better.


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