[python] Re: Ice python and ice races

  • From: "Jan-Inge Ljungberg" <jan-inge.ljungberg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: python@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 24 Feb 2006 19:40:49 +0100

python@xxxxxxxxxxxxx på den 24 februari 2006 vid 19:30 +0100 skrev:
>Awesome material!
>I especially love Marcel's technique of cornering and doing
>the slalom, by using his hands on the ground to prevent the
>fall. Looks damn cool!
>Great stuff you´re doing over there. I could not resist to send
>the link to BROL ;-)
>I also tried to download the vid, but could not, even though
>Ray has sent another link. Anybody could?

The video is very good. I could look at it both from the site and from the
direct link. It was so good so I couldn't resist puttin it on the swedish
HPV site. Hope you don't mind. I always thanks the Pythonlist and the
contributor with links.
Tomorrow I (Dirk and Christian) go and help Olaf move. Perhaps we can help
him get rid of his Monty or Flevo or some of his others bikes (lots of
Unis, Challenge etc)

Friendly greetings from 


Jan-Inge Ljungberg
Kassör HPV Sverige 
Prästagårdsvägen 17, Arrie
235 94 Vellinge


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