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  • Date: Tue, 3 Aug 2010 15:46:51 +0100

Thanks, Dan. It sounds like I will have to cross that off my possible list of 
excuses for not being able to ride the bike, then. First on the list is that I 
haven't built it yet!


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Dear Pythonauts,


According to Rohloff, the total average weight of the equivalent redundant 
parts of a derailleur system (Front and rear derailleurs, two shifting cables 
and shifters, rear hub with cassette, extra chain length, small and middle 
chainrings and bolts) averages 1600g. The weight of a Rohloff Speedhub 500/14 
CC OEM fitted with shifter, cables and guides is 1820g, so approximately 220g 
extra minimum. This is their lightest possible combination; expect to add 
150-200g of other fittings depending on the setup.


It does not have an internal hub brake option, there's just no space left 
inside, but is available with disc brake fittings.


I think that you shouldn't notice a big difference as the extra weight will be 
lower and half the distance from the frame pivot as the weight of the 
chainrings etc. 

You might feel the lighter bank account though J.


All the best,


Dan Chambers




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No, it doesn't have a hub brake. I think the full Rohloff assembly is around 
200 g heavier than an equivalent derailleur set up, which doesn't sound much, 
but obviously more weight would be concentrated in the hub.







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I think it's an excellent idea - the rohloff doesn't have hubbrake, does it?

The weight of the hub can't be significantly higher than dual chain wheels, 8-9 
speed casette, front and rear derailleurs, extra chain length and so forth. An 
adjustable framelink are great, but not so much because of the gearing system.


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> Hi Everyone
> A friend of mine has a Rohloff speed hub that I am thinking of buying
> for my python project. If I include an eccentric bottom bracket, it
> shouldn't need any other chain tensioning device, and may even work with
> a chain case. This should make for a very tidy drive train. 
> Other than the silly price tag that this would come with, can anyone
> think of a reason why this wouldn't work? In particular, although I am
> prepared for the inevitable bruising that learning to ride will bring,
> do you think that having such a heavy hub will increase wheel flop and
> so make the learning process even harder? If so, would you advise, say,
> adjusting the steering head angle and if so to what?
> Thanks in anticipation.
> Mark
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