[pure-silver] Building a darkroom sink

  • From: "Mark Blackwell" <mblackwell1958@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <pure-silver@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 13 Dec 2006 21:12:12 -0600

Well it looks like I am finally going to have space to build a custom darkroom sink. Will have to be built because of size and plumbing considerations.

My first reaction is to build it with wood, seal the cracks with silicone caulk and then fiberglass over it. Paint would then be either an epoxy or a boat paint. Part of me say I might need marine plywood, but with the fiberglass and paint . Im also going to build a top to go over the top that will fit in that make the sink serve as a table should the need arise.

If its practical wood would be the preferred material because I have far more woodworking skills than anything else. And yea I hate plumbing like most people.

Who knows this maybe the the plumbing project Ive dreamed of all my life. Whats that? Well hopefully one day before I die, I will start a plumbing project, plan it out, make one trip to the hardware or plumbing store to get everything I need, come home, put it all together and have everything go together exactly as I planned it, with no leaks and no extra trips to the store needed. Will it happen? I doubt it but its a nice dream.

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