[pskmail] Intoducing myself and questions

  • From: Wilbert Schoenmakers <pa1ezn@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: pskmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 05 Oct 2006 20:30:52 +0200

Hello Everybody,

I'm reading this maillist now for a few months and have been experimenting with Linux (and PSKmail) now for that time. Good moment I thought to let you know that I'm here, tell something about myself and ask my first questions.

My name is Wilbert, callsign PA1EZN, living in the neighbourhood of Nijmegen. South-East of the Netherlands. And yes that is the reason for my crummy English ;-). Heard of PSKMail trough Paul PA0N.
Working here with an old HW-101 (Heathkit) and for the holidays an FT-7 in my caravan. So sadly I cant transmit (yet) on 10 mHz. I've got PSKmail running on Kubuntu 3Ghz PC (Great howto on you're Wiki Rein!). Works great ofcourse.

Right now I'm building an older PC for Ham purposes in the shack and I'm running the LiveCD of Per on it. That brings me to my first questions. How do I install it on my Hard Disk? And does anyone know if I can use an older Soundblaster AWE 32 (ISA) in it. It doesn't work from the LiveCD but I remember that this card was a problem in Linux.

I've been working with PSK during Holidays under DSL (Damn Small Linux) a little Knoppix like distrobution on a old 133 MHz laptop. I've tried to install PSKmail on it too but it is missing to much other software. Working with PSK I encountered the problem of "losing" the other station during a QSO and I'm wondering if that is due to instability of my FT-7. A VFO ma be stable enough for SSB phone use but I wonder if it is stable enough for PSK(mail). Anybody any experience with non synthesizer / older Rigs?

Oke for now.

Thanks for reading!


Wilbert PA1EZN

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