[pskmail] Re: Intoducing myself and questions

  • From: Pär Crusefalk <per@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: pskmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 05 Oct 2006 21:43:41 -0400

Hi Wilbert,

Nice to see you here, welcome!

Oh, I haven't seen a HW-101 in more than 20 years. I began my ham career
using a Yaesu FT-200 and a friend of mine, SM4OTI, had a HW-101 then.
I remember trying to work hf packet on the FT-200, strange that I could
make that work. It drifted a lot and I used a PK-88 TNC that lacked a
tuning indicator, I had an fft scope running so I could manually try to
track the other station and compensate for the drifting. That brings
back memories :-)  If you use such an old rig with pskmail then you will
probably run into issues where it drifts off frequency.

Regarding the LiveCD and installing to harddisk I omitted that on
purpose. The reason being that if I keep it as a LiveCD only then it
will not affect the host PC in any way. If I include the installer then
murphys law will create problems with partitioning and formatting
someones HD. It was a defensive move. 
But, I have received several questions regarding this so you are not
alone. Sergey, RV3APM, also wanted to install it.
I can include the installer in the next release!

The soundblaster card, ISA, should work if you use sndconfig. I'm not
sure if that is included on the cd (will have a look). On a real install
of Mandriva you would have to "install" the card by using sndconfig
anyway.I don't think there is any problem regarding that card, I have
one in the junk box and I have used that with Mandriva before. The
problem could be that its not always auto detected and set up (as it is
an ISA-card).

73 de Per, sm0rwo

tor 2006-10-05 klockan 20:30 +0200 skrev Wilbert Schoenmakers:
> Hello Everybody,
> I'm reading this maillist now for a few months and have been 
> experimenting with Linux (and PSKmail) now for that time. Good moment I 
> thought to let you know that I'm here, tell something about myself and 
> ask my first questions.
> My name is Wilbert, callsign PA1EZN, living in the neighbourhood of 
> Nijmegen. South-East of the Netherlands. And yes that is the reason for 
> my crummy English ;-). Heard of PSKMail trough Paul PA0N.
> Working here with an old HW-101 (Heathkit) and for the holidays an FT-7 
> in my caravan. So sadly I cant transmit (yet) on 10 mHz. I've got 
> PSKmail running on Kubuntu 3Ghz PC (Great howto on you're Wiki Rein!). 
> Works great ofcourse.
> Right now I'm building an older PC for Ham purposes in the shack and I'm 
> running the LiveCD of Per on it. That brings me to my first questions. 
> How do I install it on my Hard Disk? And does anyone know if I can use 
> an older Soundblaster AWE 32 (ISA) in it. It doesn't work from the 
> LiveCD but I remember that this card was a problem in Linux.
> I've been working with PSK during Holidays under DSL (Damn Small Linux) 
> a little Knoppix like distrobution on a old 133 MHz laptop. I've tried 
> to install PSKmail on it too but it is missing to much other software. 
> Working with PSK I encountered the problem of "losing" the other station 
> during a QSO and I'm wondering if that is due to instability of my FT-7. 
> A VFO ma be stable enough for SSB phone use but I wonder if it is stable 
> enough for PSK(mail). Anybody any experience with non synthesizer / 
> older Rigs?
> Oke for now.
> Thanks for reading!
> 73's
> Wilbert PA1EZN

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