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  • From: Klaus Lohmann <kl@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: pskmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 05 Feb 2013 17:06:50 +0100

To make an end to this fruitless discussion*: we work on version 2.1 of the client, which will be fit for windows. But it will last a while. If you want to waste time with an alpha version, I can send you the .jar file.

73, Klaus DL4OAH

*) I don't think that there a any new arguments in the OS-war.
And Rein, it must be something with the %PATH. Did you try the hamlib folder in the beginning? Just as an experiment.

Am 05.02.2013 16:34, schrieb Ian Wade G3NRW:
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From: Demetre SV1UY <demetre.sv1uy@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 5 Feb 2013   Time: 15:39:01

I support both Linux and Windoze since 1990 when we
had Slackware LINUX version 0.92 with 25 floppy disks! hi hi hi!!


You obviously had a Linux system with bloatware -- my first exposure to Linux was also in 1990, but it came on only 24 floppies!

LINUX is extremely efficient for SERVERS but for Workstations
I think that Windows 7 is the best.

Why do you think professionals in big businesses do exactly that?

This is exactly the point. From my early days as a Unix sysadmin, back in the 1980s, I too was a Unix/Linux-only bigot, and very snooty when anyone said they preferred Windows. In the late 90s, I was involved in very large banking environments, where people tried to replace Windows desktops with Linux workstations. But it all backfired when ordinary end-users said they much preferred Windows -- not only for the eye candy and ease of use, but also for the ease of interacting with packages like Microsoft Office. None of this feeble LibreOffice nonsense. None of this fiddling with strange and inconsistent formatting. None of this virtual machine malarkey.

When I retired I resolved to convert everything in the shack to Linux. I gave up. I have grown up now, and decided to do what the big boys do: run the servers on Linux and the workstations on Windows. Windows 7, and now Windows 8, offer a far superior, far more intuitive and far more consistent GUI than any Linux implementation. And, more important in our ham radio world, almost all of today's apps are written for Windows.

Coming back to pskmail, I don't know how many active users there are worldwide. A few dozen, perhaps? Maybe a hundred or so. But I doubt many more. If only the Linux-only bigots would open the door and properly support a Windows client, interest would explode. But perhaps that isn't what the designers want.

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